“When it comes to passion and expertise, I don’t know if there is a better skills trainer out there than Jason Perkins.  For almost two decades, he has been instrumental in helping aspiring players of all ages achieve their goals on the basketball court.  His hands-on approach and ability to asses the needs of each individual player makes his program one-of-a-kind.  The entire San Diego basketball community will benefit greatly with the opening of his new facility in El Cajon.”

-Jeff Addiego, Senior Director, Youth Basketball, Golden State Warriors

“I got to know Jason many years ago when he and I put on a Basketball Skill Development Camp for 24 Hour Fitness. I had never met him before that Camp but left there thinking that this guy has what it takes to become a master at the art of developing players skills.

A number of things led me to that conclusion:

1.  Having trained players from the Junior High level through my 13 years in the NBA it is every bit about what you bring as it is what you know.  Jason brought energy, enthusiasm, and knowledge to the floor that instantly got him respect.  He was displaying what all players are looking for: this guy is in it for me and not for himself.

2.  He had the uncanny ability to relate to players of all ages and backgrounds.  This is huge in this type of work.  He was always able to get players to work - even when they did not want to. And, in the end, it proved to be the difference for  those players.

3.  He had the knowledge base combined with an imagination where he could create drills that were challenging, fun, and still mirrored what the payers would see in a game.  It was game type drilling which is the hallmark for all skill development coaches.

4.  He had a burning desire to learn and keep up with new trends.  This is key as our game is constantly changing and skill development has to change along with the game.  He is a consummate learner and that will translate to the players and what they will learn.

5.  He is a person of high character who is humble yet confident: a great combination to have.  He does things in a first class manner at all times; from the way he talks to people to the way he treats people to the way he conducts his business. 

Finally allow me to say that I would recommend anyone who has an opportunity to work with Jason to take that opportunity.  If you are looking to learn; to be pushed; to be encouraged; and to continue your climb to your next level you have to work with Jason.  I know this: you will be glad you did……and so will your game!”

- Kevin Eastman (Former NBA Executive of the Los Angeles Clippers and NBA Assistant Coach)

“I have known Jason for over 10 years on and off the basketball court. Tremendous human being who displays all the qualities needed in this industry. Jason is a true professional who is detail oriented and knows the game of basketball. His passion, work ethic and knowledge for teaching this game are rare qualities that athletes of all ages can learn from.”

- Phil Handy Asst Coach Toronto Raptors

“Jason Perkins has an unbelievable gift to work with young people and teach the great game of basketball. His communication skills and demeanor make him an exceptional teacher. Both of my sons have spent time under his tutelage."

- Eric Musselman (University of Nevada and Former NBA Head Coach)

“So excited to hear that Jason Perkins will be opening a Basketball Skill Development Facility!  Jason brings great knowledge, passion, and energy to the game he loves! As a player You will come away a better player but more importantly a better person! The ball has magic and the magic is in the work! Embrace the Process!”

- Aubrey McCreary (NBA Skill Development Trainer and Adidas Nation Coach)

“I absolutely love working with Jason Perkins because he inspires me to be a better coach, skills trainer, and person. His knowledge and passion for the game combined with his love and care for each player he works with are true gifts from above. I am amazed at his ability to teach the skills of the game and relate to each player in such an amazing way. Jason is one of the best!” 

- Daniel Viglione former WNBA Player w/Sacramento Monarchs and owner of Sacramento Skills Academy

“Jason has a real passion for working with basketball players of all ages. It's not a job to him - he truly lives for serving others. Any Basketball players who truly  want to develop their skills should take notice -- the training Jason will provide can elevate any player's game both physically and mentally.”

- Billy Lange (Assistant Coach/Director of Player Development Philadelphia 76ers) and Formerly Assistant Coach of Villanova University

"Jason will provide a first class facility with first class training for players of all ages. His experience and knowledge in teaching the fundamentals of the game is second to none and will give the player the solid foundation he or she will need in skill development to compete at all levels”

- Mark Grabow, NBA player development coach (Chris Mullin Skill Development Coach)

“As a former National Director of Basketball at 24 Hour Fitness I worked with some of the best skill trainers in the NBA and WNBA. Jason ranks right up there with some of the best skill trainers in the country!! He is a great teacher of the game and sweats along with the players. He teaches game skills at game speed!”

- Joe Stasyszyn (Owner of Unleashed Potential Training) 

"I met Coach Perkins approximately 5 years ago while Coaching for Mater Dei Catholic High School. I quickly recognized that Jason was living his passion coaching and mentoring youth. His wealth of knowledge and passion for coaching set him apart and helped inspire those around him to be better coaches and mentors. Coach Perkins used his experience and talents to touch every student athlete regardless of talent level to achieve that individual's personal best. That was obvious in the way he helped my son, then only 13 years old but allowed to participate in individually instructed drills with much older kids in a high school setting. Jason knows how to relate to all ages and skill levels and convey instruction suitable for that particular athlete. My son, Jaylen Hands is now 17 years old and considered one of the top guards in the nation. He has since committed to UCLA but still relies on many of the early lessons he learned from Coach Perkins. I'm proud and excited to see Coach Perkins continue to share his gifts with future athletes."

-Ronnie Hands (Proud Father of Jaylen Hands - Five Star Point Guard - Signed to UCLA)

“Jason Perkins is a genuine person who not only has an extreme knowledge of basketball development skills, but also has the knowledge of how to communicate with youth to develop the most out of their talent.  He communicates in a positive way that shows you that he not only cares about your athletic development, but also in your growth as a person.  He does tremendous work with youth, and someone I am proud to call a friend.”

- Chris Murphy (President Santa Cruz Warriors - NBA D-League Champions - Golden State Warriors Developmental Team)