🏀 Shots Up

Hoopology Academy Group Training Classes are the first in San Diego County to offer affordable skill and performance training for all ages and skill levels. We have helped pioneer the way kids learn basketball today, and since day 1 we’ve seen countless children succeed and meet their goals. Your child can be one of them! 

What makes Hoopology different during the Group Shots-Up Classes besides the incredible coaching each kid receives are the age-appropriate rim height and ball size Hoopology uses during each class.  These recommendations are from the American Sport Education Program (ASEP).  One of the main benefits the kids receive during these workouts by setting age-appropriate rim height is teaching kids proper shooting form and watching them smile when the ball goes inside the basket with proper mechanics.


These SHOTS UP classes are one hour in length and uses age appropriate rim height and ball size. We spend the first 45 minutes doing skill work related to shooting mechanics, shooting with proper pivots, finishing around the basket using proper footwork, ball placement, target shooting, accuracy shooting and a ton of reps to build confidence. The final 15 minutes of each class will finish with competitive situations like a scrimmage, 1 on 1, 2 on 2 or a fun game based on what was taught that day. Doing this give kids a mistake friendly environment to try and react to the new skills learned in a game like situation.

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Each class is one hour in length. We spend the entire 60 minutes doing skill work, drills related to catch and shoot, shooting off the dribble, shooting of of screens, moving without the ball and transition shooting. This workout often uses the shooting machine (The GUN) for high volume shooting. The key elements during this uptempo workout is game shots, from game spots and game speed. Ultimately to build confidence during games.

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