Hooping Hands is a basketball training program at the Hoopology facility that provides community youth with an avenue to reach their basketball dreams through the mentorship of Coach Jason Perkins along with his NBA, Collegiate and Youth experience. 

With over 15 years of modeling the behaviors and teaching the necessary athletic and life skills to be successful as young people, Coach Jason utilizes his talents and time to give back everything that was giving to him along his journey.    Skills that include leadership and basketball fundamentals while having fun in a productive and positive environment on the basketball court.

Hooping Hands also provides financial relief and scholarships to youth who experience significant and unavoidable hardships.  To determine if the child’s circumstances are appropriate for a scholarship, each potential recipient must call for more details. 

Join one of the Hooping Hands training programs today.

 For more information about the Hooping Hands program, scholarship or sponsorship opportunities please give us a call at 619-333-6747.