Frequently Asked Questions

Can you tell me about your program?

We are a year round skill development basketball training facility that provides the necessary resources to advance the game of all student-athletes from beginners to advanced student-athletes

Do you have a team?

No, Hoopology does not have its own team - we are solely focused on skill development, performance enhancement and mental toughness with all student-athletes to prepare them for their respective teams

What makes Hoopology different?

The Founder, Director and lead coach - Jason Perkins holistic view of a student-athlete on and off the court, his experience and expertise playing at the NCAA Division 1 level in addition to over 15 years working within the NBA and College sector as well as various youth programs in basketball skill development training roles

Why does Hoopology stress skill development?

In addition to kids playing on teams, there is still a need of more dedicated time strictly to skill development.  Coaches agree kids need an equal balance of skill development training in order to be better during their games

Additional Resource or Reading:

Check out the NBA Youth Guidelines here